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1. What is The BARK'N FUN Company?

The Bark'N Fun Company provides a subscription box service containing dog treats and toys, that will be shipped right to your door each month!  The box will be filled with items that we have carefully selected to impress and satisfy your canine companion.  Items may consist of dog treats, dog toys, canine fashion, latest gadgets, food samples, pet hygiene, and coupons or special offers in your area.  Each month we will feature items from other local Small Business in Canada.

2. How do I subscribe?

It’s very easy!  Simply choose your plan and billing options, tell us about your beloved four legged friend, and receive your box in the mail.  It’s that simple!

3. What payment options are available?

We use Shopify/STRIPE secure payment processing.  We do not store or have access to your credit card information.  You can choose either Visa, Master Card, Amex, or your PAYPAL account. 3 month subscriptions are billed up front at a great reduced rate!  You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time simply by giving us 30 days’ notice in writing, it’s really hassle free.  We would hate to see you go, but if you do decide to cancel just contact us, at info@barknfun.ca.

4. When will I receive my first box?

This depends on when you placed your order.  Shipping Days are between 15th and 30th of Each Month.  Gift Boxes are shipped out immediately upon order, but please note that Seasonal Theme Boxes are limited in quantity and may not be available for a rush gift order.  You can always email us if you have a concern and we will do our best to accommodate.

5. What about Shipping?

Shipping will be calculated at Checkout - depending on weight and number of items purchased.  You can estimate approximately $10 per Box for Subscriptions.  i.e. - 3 Month Plan would have a shipping cost of approx - $30 ( depending on weight and distance)  Other items that are lighter will have a reduced shipping rate and some smaller items have free shipping.  Items that are purchased in Larger Quantities will have shipping rates that reflect the weight and distance to be delivered.  Shipping rates are not an exact science, If you have any questions about your calculated Shipping rate please don't hesitate to contact us at info@barknfun.ca.

6. Will my plan automatically renew?

Yes, and you will also receive a reminder email prior to the renewal date.  You also have the option to manage your own subscription preferences, even skip a payment for a month, through our payment system.  If you misplace the details after registering, just email us, we'll re-send it to you!

7. What if I move?

No Problem!  Just Contact Us using the web form on our Contact Us page with your new mailing address and the date of your move, or you can log into your profile and update your mailing and billing address.  Don’t worry if you forget to let us know, we’ll get your box on track for delivery to your new place!

8. Where do your products come from?

We get most of our products from Canada and the United States, but we may also source some awesome items from other countries around the world, but rest assured that we won’t send you anything that we wouldn't give to our own dogs! We have high quality standards and want to ensure the best of the best for your Best Friend.  Whenever possible we also want to support entrepreneurs and small businesses right in our own backyard.  If you know someone that you would like for us to check out as a supplier, please drop us a line.  Rest assured that we will post the details about all of our products and their suppliers every month on our website, and if you ever have additional inquiries we would love to hear from you!

9. How can I order more of what my dog loves?

It’s easy!  Where we are able to maintain inventory, we will offer those items for sale on our website at a great price to our Bark'N Fun subscribers.  If this is not possible then we will happily direct you on where to buy the product!

10. Can I suggest a product or item I have found to be included in your box?

Of course!  We would love to hear from you!  Bookmark our page www.barknfun.ca.

11. Can I suggest a charity?


12. How can I get in touch with you?

Easy! You can Email us or reach out to us via any of our Social Media Sites.

13. What if my cuddly companion has allergies?

While we do our very best to try to personalize the Bark' N Fun box for your pampered pup, it is possible that you may receive an item that contains an ingredient that your pet may be allergic to.  Please review the items in the box and read all labels before giving any item in the box to your pet.  You should always supervise pets when giving them a new toy or treat.  If you need more information about a product please contact us directly.