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How to Pick Your Perfect Puppy!

Welcoming a new puppy into your family can be a big deal! Whether you're single, married, have kids, or roommates, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a breed of puppy. Everyone has their dream dog or favorite breed, but that's sometimes unrealistic when you take into consideration your current lifestyle. If your mind is not 100% made up about which puppy to pick, continue reading for a couple of tips and suggestions!


1. Think about your current living situation. Are you in a condo or a house? Do you have a yard or park nearby? When you're living in a concrete jungle, taking care of a dog can be difficult and takes a lot of planning. Consider getting a small dog such as a Poodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or Pomeranian. 

 Cavalier King Charles Puppy

If you're set on a larger dog you still have options. Large breeds that do well in apartments and condos are the Great Dane, Greyhound, or Afghan Hound. But keep in mind, all dogs no matter which size need frequent exercise and exposure to the outdoors.

 Great Dane Puppy

2. Who will be around your puppy? Do you tend to have lots of people around, or will it mainly just be you and your pup? Thinking about socializing your puppy is very important, you want to ensure you choose a breed that's loyal, social, and friendly. If you live an active lifestyle but want a very loyal pup, think about a German Shepherd or Border Collie. If you're planning to have your dog around small children, think about the calm and friendly Beagle, Bulldog, or Golden Retriever. 

 Golden Retriever Puppy

3. Aside from breed, you can choose a puppy based on the nature of their personality by observing them in the litter, or if you're adopting, in the pound. Watch the dogs body language around people and other animals, if they are shy and timid this might inhibit them from being in social settings and trusting people. If they're outgoing and playful around new people and animals, they are likely going to be a good tempered dog but also very hyper. You'll see different traits emerging in a litter of puppies - the dominant one, the sleepy one, the playful one, the quirky one, and the shy one. Choose the puppy that you think will be able to easily adapt into your home and that will share personality traits with you and your family!

 Chocolate Lab Puppies

4. Your hobbies are also an important thing to consider. Your hobbies determine the type of lifestyle your dog will have, so it's important to think about the breed and their characteristics before selecting a pup. For example, if you're looking for a partner to help you train for that half marathon, you likely won't be choosing a French Bulldog. Dogs like the Husky and the English Setter will enjoy physical activities with you, like running, hiking, and hunting. Whereas most smaller dogs are okay being your cuddle buddy and couch potato on a cold winters day. Your lifestyle may even be more suited to foster dogs from your local humane society, or you may decide to get a middle aged or older dog who is already trained and matches the temperament and energy levels you're looking for. 

 Swimming Dog

5. Follow your heart. You'll feel a certain connection when you meet the right pup and you'll know if this is the one! Just remember there are tons of dogs, right here in Canada, that are looking for a loving home, so explore your options and make the right decision.

Adopt  a dog

  Now that you've got an idea of how to pick the most perfect puppy for you, be sure to start planning for their grand arrival. No matter what age you bring your new pup home at, you want them to feel comfortable and ready to start their new life with you. 

 At the Bark"N Fun company we know the excitement and love a new puppy can bring into your home and we want to help you welcome them in the most fabulous way possible. Check out our subscription boxes and our Welcome Home Box, perfect for new puppies or any new canine companion added to your family.

From our Family to yours, best of luck on your decision!

Happy Pupppy

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