OK, So you wanna be Famous? - Doggy Edition

These days, it seems as though people get way more than their allotted 60 seconds of fame. We’re seeing more and more news stories about social media posts going viral and overnight social media personalities are emerging as celebrities (both on purpose and by accident).

With camera’s literally everywhere it’s not difficult to get caught on candid camera doing something good, bad, ugly, hilarious, or downright embarrassing; but that one embarrassing moment could be your claim to social media stardom!

Can the same be said for Dogs? We think so! A quick search of the internet shows there are 7,000,000 results for dogs; images, articles, and videos. On Instagram we found over 99,000,000 accounts that “belong” to Dogs. Some people’s Dogs have more followers on Instagram then their people do!  There are even Facebook and Instagram Dogs that make more money in a year then their human companions. One such account we found was a Pomeranian pup named Boo that has over 17 Million fans on facebook!  

Now, we know, it takes a ton of hard work and an awesome social media strategy to get 17 million fans; which, let’s face it, not all of us have the time, money, or energy to do. If you’re one of the few that does dedicate your valuable resources to your Dog’s time in the limelight - that’s fantastic and we envy you! If you’re one of the ones currently staring at your four-legged dollar sign (er, I mean Dog…) and thinking your pup has what it takes, we thought we would help you get started by providing you with a couple ideas on how to make your Dog a star! ( all in good fun of course!)

We did an in-depth analysis on the tried and true tactics that have shot some humans into the social spotlight and figured they would do just that with Dogs too!

Here are our Top 5 Suggestions:

I know, this one is kind of obvious, but it seems to work!  Most dogs will hump just about anything so getting great footage shouldn't be that hard!  And...yes that is a Duck! :-)



    Adopt Don’t Shop is our motto! If your dog was a rescue this should be an easy one for you!  Read Sam’s Story

    *Special Thank you to Tiny Paws Rescue and the amazing work they do !  Visit their page at http://tpdr.ca


    Follow Iggy Joey on Instagram! This Toronto based Italian Greyhound is a Fashion Icon & Lifestyle Enthusiast with over 30K Followers!!!  She also writes a great BLOG.  Iggy Joey says Audrey Hepburn is 100% one of her Fashion Idols, and pearls will never go out of style! Iggy Joey's claim to fame is really how beautiful she looks in colorful onsies! Yes, I said a dog in a onesie, it's really the cutest thing you will see all day! Check out her Facebook page too!


    In addition to Doggy Social accounts some of the most photographed and famous Social accounts are for Food!  So why not pair the two best things in the World!  Dogs and Food!  Follow pompomchewy on Instagram, this adorable little Pomeranian has over 40K followers, and is a Toronto Celebrity! He’s even friends with Drake! ( yes, that Drake!)


    5. JUST BE YOURSELF! - Hey, Sometimes when you got it, you just got it….

     Follow Chewie The Lab on Instagram, an up and coming social star from NL, Canada!

    You can also follow Scott Eastwood on Instagram (yes….we’d knew you ask!)

    Good luck and remember us when you are a rich and famous social media star!  

    The Bark'N Fun Team, Danielle, Stef, & Zoey!


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    • Diane Rooney says...

      Well done. You just never know what will get you to the top. Good luck every one. Can’t wait to see the follow up.

      May 17, 2016

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